As a MoveYou customer, we not only help you save on travel time and costs, you also reduce your Co2 emissions. To let you travel more sustainable and offer you the personal experience of MoveYou, we need to see how you travel. We do this by following your journey. Data, data and more data. Because we are aware that we are working with someone else’s data, we handle it with integrity and care. How do we do that? 


Every new service or product is developed on the basis of our ethics policy. A mandatory ethics committee, for example, is a requirement. Curious?


We try to be as transparent as possible towards our customers. One of the ways we do this is in our privacy statement. It explains, for example, which data we collect, how we use it and how customers can exercise their rights.


The legislation is not always clear. That is why MoveYou has fleshed out the open standards based on thorough legal research. What is a high risk? When do we perform a risk analysis? That’s all anchored in

10 golden rules

How do we ensure that MoveYou employees handle customer data with care? Not only through training and signing for confidentiality. The ten golden rules are woven into MoveYou’s corporate culture like a golden (read: red) thread.


Despite all the measures, it could still go wrong. In case of a suspected data breach, MoveYou acts based on a strict data breach protocol. Moreover, all incidents are registered to learn from them and prevent the same mistakes in the future.


All those good intentions, but who is going to make sure they are actually applied? MoveYou has appointed an independent supervisor, a so-called Data Protection Officer. Any questions? Mail to