All whitelabeled companies using our mobility platform use the following statement.


Travel more sustainable while maintaining comfort. As a customer we not only help you save on travel time and costs, you also reduce your Co2 emissions. To make your journey more sustainable and offer you the personal experience at the same time, we need to see how you travel. We do that by following your journey. But we won’t do that without informing you in detail in advance. We can imagine that you would like to know how we handle your personal data. We would like to tell you about that in the following statement.


“Hello Ms. Smith, welcome back to ! The regular recipe – euro 95 – for you today?” is an example of what you see at some gas stations even before you get out of your car. Or “For the last 3 kilometers of your journey tomorrow, take line 95 and park your car at P+R Hoogkerk to avoid the traffic jam at Julianaplein. In addition, you will reduce the Co2 emissions of your trip by up to 32% and get to work 12 minutes earlier.” That’s the personal experience we strive for and why you use ’s services.

All this is possible because is powered by MoveYou‘s mobility platform. Want to know how that platform works? Then read on quickly. If you still have questions after reading this page, please let us know via the app or mail to


At our gas stations you will be greeted personally. We can do this because we recognize your license plate, because you entered it when you registered and therefore we know that you are at the pump. In addition, if you use a fixed pump we can give you insight into your consumption, you will find the receipts in the app (useful as an entrepreneur; a free fiscal fuel administration!) and with every liter refuelled you have a chance of winning the periodic prize pool that is distributed at our affiliated stations. For example, if you have refueled 120 liters in a certain period, you have 120 chances to win one of the prizes in the prize pool. More information about our savings system can be found here. It is necessary for us to process this personal data so that we know to whom we pay the prize pool. In some cases, we also need to keep this information for gaming law purposes.

If you fill up at one of our affiliated gas stations, you no longer have to pay at the pump, because you can use your credit in your app. That saves another operation and gets you to your destination faster. Did you know that at some gas stations you can even pay using your credit from your account through facial recognition?

Would you rather use your familiar fuelcard and still want insight into your consumption and emissions? Then simply link your existing fuelcard in the app to your account.


Finally at your destination with a few minutes left until your appointment starts. Hurrying to find the nearest parking meter and then running back to your car is a thing of the past. Because you share your GPS location data in your phone with us, you no longer have to buy a ticket and you can start the parking session in the app. If you use the dongle it becomes even easier, because then we see exactly when your parking session starts and when you leave again and the parking costs are automatically settled in your account.


shows you where the nearest charging station can be found. To make sure there are no surprises, you can even see the status of the charging station. We also see that because you share your GPS location from your phone with us. If you use one of our charging stations, you can pay via your account, eliminating your dependence on your charge card. More on that later.

Shared transport

To reduce your personal carbon footprint, we encourage you to use the app to easily use shared transport. Because you share your GPS location with us, we can tell you where to find the nearest sharing bikes, scooters or cars. Unlock it with a push of a button and pay easily afterwards.

Public transportation

If your train is about to leave, you no longer have to search for the ticket machine. Even a bus ticket is a thing of the past. Check in with the app and pay afterwards. Sustainable travel is now within reach.

Social Media

also allows you to use your social media account, such as Facebook, to log in. This does not give nor MoveYou access to your account, but it makes logging in a lot easier for you and you don’t have to think of (and remember!) yet another new password.  If you ask us a question via social media and we see this question pop up, we will save that message and your account name so we can respond to your message.

Customer service

To help you quickly with questions, we use your information and make notes that we keep. This is useful if you call us again. Information about the call will be registered. In this way you help us analyze and improve our services. Sometimes we use another party to answer your questions. They can use your data for that purpose.


You can subscribe to our various newsletters. This keeps you informed about our offers, promotions and our news. We also announce the prize winners at the end of each period through our newsletters. We have general and personal newsletters. We compile the personal newsletters based on your data, such as refueling, car washes and especially the locations where you refuel. This is important because each location has its own prize pool. So you can participate in multiple prize pools if you refuel at multiple affiliated stations. If you no longer wish to receive newsletters from us, unsubscribe via the link in the newsletter. Simple isn’t it?


But the best thing about using is that all the above is connected so you only need to use one single app, get insight into your travel options and minimize your payment transactions. So you can easily travel sustainably and also save money and travel time. This is all possible because we track your journey – after all, that’s why you registered with *. In addition, you only have to pay for all your trips and our services at once during a certain period of time, so from fueling, charging and parking to using public transport on one account. Want to know how that works? Then read on.

* In other (slightly more difficult) words, the legitimate basis for the use of your data is for the performance of the agreement you have by registering with the mobility platform (Art. 6 (1) under B General Data Protection Regulation). Consent to the use of data is not the case, because without sharing your data you cannot use the platform. Thus, by registering on the MoveYou platform, you actually give implicit consent to the use of the data as described in this privacy statement.

Pay afterwards

With us, you pay afterwards, which is why every customer gets a credit. That’s one credit for refueling, charging, parking and travelling all in one. Easy, isn’t it?

Some get a different credit than others. How is that possible? MoveYou collects data to estimate our customer’s creditworthiness, so that we are not left with unpaid bills. We do this based on dozens of (public) sources. A simple example; Does your car have a low market value? Then your credit will initially be lower than for an owner with a car having a higher market value. But for example the WOZ value of your house also counts, we can read that in the public land register. Are you a fast payer? Then your credit limit often shoots up again.

To prevent fraud, we also check the last registration of your car, for example, or alarm bells can ring if you only use the app in The Hague while stating that you live in Groningen.

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Improving stations, locations and sustainability

Sustainability is high on the political agenda worldwide, including in our government. Did you know that as from 2024 larger employers will also have to contribute to this? As of 2024, they will be obliged to provide data on the commuting and business travel of their employees. (Read more here). Together we can help your employer with this. By using , your employer can accurately track your Co2 emissions.

To expand the service, improve it and contribute even better to the latest sustainability requirements, MoveYou works closely with the University of Groningen. They research the travel behavior of all users to then advise the government on this. Don’t worry, your data is anonymized before it is used for the research. We also help gas stations improve their services, among other things. For example, we quickly see that there is a malfunction and can immediately inform the pump owner about it. How can we do that? If a user of refuels in vain, then hangs the fuel gun back and the next user does the same, we receive a signal that there is a possible malfunction. We can then report this back to the pump owner.

Sharing personal data processing(s) with third parties

Naturally, also receives your mobility data back from MoveYou, for example to alert you to a tire change or an upcoming MOT.

We cannot provide you with the most adequate sustainability information about your journey on our own. We work together with the in Germany based company MotionTag, which receives part of your data (location data) for this purpose. We have made proper arrangements for this. MotionTag pseudonymizes this data for subsequent analysis. By tracking your location and movement, they can determine which means of transport you use. How does that work? If you are at Groningen station and then at Leeuwarden station within 45 minutes, they conclude that you took the train and not the bike. And if you are at Schiphol Airport and within 3.5 hours in Antalya, they conclude that you did not travel by train but by plane. MoveYou then needs that in turn to determine the sustainability of your trip to best advise you. Winwin! Want to know more? Click here.

Personal data

We process the following personal data through the app and when you use our services:

  • First name – last name
  • Address
  • E-mail address
  • Date of birth
  • (Mobile) phone number
  • Location information
  • License plate number of your vehicle
  • Gender
  • Payment and billing information, such as your bank account number
  • (Public) data for credit check purposes
  • (Public) data for fraud prevention
  • IP address
  • (If applicable) Company name + Chamber of Commerce number + VAT number
  • Images (facial recognition at some gas stations)

If you create a business account we will process the following data in addition to the above:

  • First name – last name contact person
  • E-mail address contact person
  • E-mail address in connection with invoicing
  • Phone number
  • Company website
  • License plate number of vehicle(s)
  • Gender contact person
  • Payment and billing data, such as: bank name, IBAN number and BIC code.
  • Company name + Chamber of Commerce number + VAT Number
  • Visiting address including zip code and place of business
  • Copy of valid passport or ID card of authorized signatory of company (to prevent identity fraud and to comply with identification requirements)

Retention periods

Did you know that all your data is stored and processed within the secure borders of the EU? The data is stored in Amazon’s servers in Frankfurt, sehr toll! As long as you have an account with , your personal data will be used. You can delete your account yourself. Most of your data will be deleted automatically. However, we still need to keep some data for 7 years due to legal tax retention obligations. Please be aware that deleting the app is not the same as deleting your account. This therefore requires an additional action, which you can perform in the app. There you can also manage all individual data flows.

After deletion of your account, some data will be anonymized and then used for statistical analysis.

Your rights

Fair is fair, competition is lurking and therefore MoveYou cannot fully disclose its modus operandi and explain it here from A to Z. However, we do our best to protect your rights and to inform you as fully as possible and to be as transparent as possible about how we handle your data. After all, this is your data.

You have the right to view, correct or delete your personal data on the MoveYou mobility platform that uses. You also have the right to withdraw your consent or object to the processing of your personal data by MoveYou and you have the right to data portability. This means that you can request us to digitally send you, or an organization authorized by you, the personal data that we have processed about you.

Would you like to exercise one of these rights? You can do so by sending an e-mail to Please describe as well as possible which right you want to enforce and which data it concerns. MoveYou will be happy to assist you in exercising your rights.

Be aware that the platform is all about data and tracking your journey. Don’t like the idea of that? Then you better not use the platform or simply delete your account. After all, you can’t use our services without sharing data with us.

MoveYou has a Data Protection Officer who monitors that we comply with privacy laws and regulations. Do you have a question specifically for the Data Protection Officer? Then please contact us at

If you are convinced that MoveYou has processed your personal data in a way that is contrary to the privacy legislation, you can file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority via this link. Tip from us: first talk to our Data Protection Officer. This because the Authority for Personal Data will also ask you to do this before they will handle your complaint.


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