With our solutions, MoveYou is a key player in the European market handling various transactions. We process over 1 million transactions monthly, and our commitment to efficiency, safety, and innovation makes us a valued partner for gas stations throughout Europe. With our in-house development team and advanced technology, we strive to be a reliable partner for your organization.


EFAS intergration in our platform

EFAS ensures that payments are securely and efficiently validated through advanced protocols. EFAS offers unparalleled benefits for businesses seeking cost-effective and reliable payment solutions.

Thanks to the integration of EFAS into our platform, businesses can easily issue their own fuel transaction payment cards, ensuring authorized payments are processed quickly and securely. This means that companies can operate independently without relying on external parties such as VISA, which often charge high transaction fees and subscription costs.

With EFAS, we offer a payment solution that is not only secure and cost-effective but also future-proof and easy to manage. Whether you need Closed Loop cards (fuel, charging, or hybrid cards), with EFAS you have everything under control. Choose EFAS and benefit from an efficient, reliable, and affordable way to manage your fuel and EV payments.

What sets us apart is that we are one of the few companies to have achieved full integration of these functionalities within our own platform. This gives us a unique position in the market and enables us to provide an unmatched service to our customers.

In app payments

At MoveYou, in-app payments have significantly enhanced the way users experience convenience in direct transactions. We understand the importance of a seamless payment experience and offer various payment options, including iDEAL for secure and direct payments through trusted banking environments, credit card payments for global accessibility, and PayPal for additional security and convenience. Our goal is to provide a diverse and customer-centric payment experience, giving users the freedom to pay in the most suitable way for them, contributing to a smooth and positive user experience within our app.


Digital Fleetcard payments

Our Business Fuel Card is your key to effortless and optimized fuel payments. Whether you manage a small business or an entire fleet, our fuel card provides you the ability to manage and monitor fuel expenses in a streamlined way.


  • MY EV Pay offers a seamless user experience customized to your branding.

  • Our intelligent Terminals, serving as both a controller and payment solution.

  • No need for additional screens, fully compliant with European regulations.

  • No hassle with extra payment kiosks, as our solution can even be installed by you.

  • Maintain complete control with our transaction validation. Payment oversight has never been so effortless.

  • Connect up to 32 charing points with a single terminal.


Cloud Connect

Our advanced cloud connect system that provides insights into your operational processes. Its a realtime Forecourt Management tool. From generating accurate forecasts linked to daily activities and displaying them, to monitoring transactions and refueling activities in real-time. The platform enables you to stay one step ahead of the competition at all times.

Based on the real-time data that is collected, automatic alerts are generated thanks to the smart algorithms and AI. Whether it’s detecting inactivity at gas stations or signaling potential malfunctions, the platform continuously monitors your location(s), enabling you to take immediate action to minimize downtime.

This way, potential blockages in the nozzle can be detected in a timely manner. Research shows that the platform generates revenue through its intelligent notification system, as downtime is drastically reduced.