Real-time gas station monitoring device

The Ultimate Solution for Remote Management and Optimization of Your Gas Station Operations

Looking for a device that can help you digitize and optimize your gas station operations? Look no further than Cloud Connect – the smart and secure tool that provides real-time data and insights, as well as remote control over your gas station network.

Real-time information

  • Establishes a secure VPN connection with the Moveyou cloud platform to ensure safe and confidential transmission of your data.
  • Captures real-time data on transactions, weather conditions, and local traffic situations to generate detailed reports and statistics that can be accessed for each station.

Remote control

  • Enables remote monitoring and control over external sensors, such as temperature detection sensors or emergency stop signals.
  • Provides real-time alerts and notifications for sensor events, and enables remote resets of emergency stops or control station resets.
  • Enables remote scheduling of maintenance tasks and monitoring of fuel deliveries.

With Cloud Connect, you can take advantage of cutting-edge features that will help you streamline your operations, increase customer loyalty and enhance your overall mobility offering. So, whether you’re a small gas station owner or run a large chain, get in touch with us today to learn more about how Cloud Connect can help future-proof your business.