Cloud Connect

Real-time gas station monitoring device.

The Ultimate Solution for Remote Management and Optimization of Your Gas Station Operations

Discover Cloud Connect, the key to advanced operational management. With our cutting-edge cloud connect system, you gain deep insights into your operational processes.

  • Real-time Data Capture: All tank station activity is sent to the Moveyou cloud platform in real-time, enabling you to make data-driven decisions and optimize operations.

  • Remote Control: Cloud Connect is kitted with external sensors and alarms, which can be easily controlled and monitored from the platform. You can also reset the emergency stop or remotely control station resets.

  • Enhanced Reporting: Cloud Connect records all transactions and local traffic situations, which can be easily accessed on the Moveyou cloud platform. All data can be integrated with your Data Analytics platform, enabling you to gain deeper insights and optimize further.

Real-time information

Thanks to the real-time data collected, automatic alerts are generated by intelligent algorithms and AI. Whether it’s detecting inactivity at gas stations or signaling potential malfunctions, the platform continuously monitors your location(s) and ensures you can take immediate action to minimize downtime. This enables timely detection of potential nozzle blockages. Research has shown that the platform generates revenue through its smart notification system, as downtime is significantly reduced.

  • Saving money by utilizing data.
  • Gain new insights based on the weather and traffic situations.

  • Detecting deviations based on daily activities.
  • Ensuring an optimally functioning environment.

Price management

The platform offers advanced tools for price management at a national level, allowing you to adjust your prices to match the competition or strategically target to maximize your profits.

With real-time data analysis and an intuitive interface, you can efficiently manage operational tasks such as assigning technicians or monitoring fuel stocks.


The Cloud Connect

The Cloud Connect goes beyond mere data management and also offers valuable functionalities such as receiving notifications, for instance, of blockages. These proactive alerts enable businesses to respond quickly to any issues, improving operational efficiency and minimizing downtime. Furthermore, the Cloud Connect can be utilized to enhance visitor loyalty through targeted marketing efforts and personalized services, fostering a deeper connection with customers and increasing overall customer satisfaction.



The MoveYou Platform goes beyond just these insights. The modular platform also enables you to provide a personalized experience to your customers, from recognizing loyal customers through license plate registration to offering loyalty programs and vouchers.

For example, greet your visitors with a personalized message. Adding a personal touch can enhance the overall user experience and strengthen the sense of connection.

Provide discounts and allow customers to accumulate points. By using the platform in this way, you create a personalized experience, which research shows increases the likelihood of repeat visits and an increase customer loyalty.


The platform can efficiently take over tasks from employees, resulting not only in cost savings but also in a seamless and effective replacement of human labor. It reduces the risk of errors, thereby increasing the reliability and accuracy of the tasks performed.

The platform monitors every fuel delivery from your supplier and each refueling operation at your stations. It checks if these records align, enabling detection of leaks and automatic generation of purchase invoices when the data matches the unloading information.

More options within Cloud Connect:

  • Store documents for maintenance or certification purposes

  • Automated release of purchase invoices

  • More about Cloud Connect?

Cloud Connect

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