White label apps

Your customers can experience easy MoveYou co-branded or white label apps are based on our own B2C mobility apps used by our own end customers. We believe in customer centricity and excellent UX and there is no better way than testing with real users!.

Fueling and loyalty, EV charging or Parking apps with a wide variety of integrated payment methods, and more. Save time and resources while giving your customers the highest level of service.

Fuel and loyalty app

Get to know your customer and get more insights with a white label petrol app.

Fueling and loyalty, EV charging or Parking your customers to win extra prices if they are regularly visiting your fuel station.

Parking app

Your customers can experience easy searching of parking spots, see the pricing upfront and park as long as they like or are allowed to.

With our white label app solution your customers always pay afterwards and only for an amount of time they truly park. ParkBee and P+R park spots are displayed too thanks to our exclusive collaboration!

EV app

Determined to create a charging solution with your own logo and brand name?

With our white label app solution your The White label EV app allows your customers to easily find and navigate to location of available charging pools with the right connection type and with the desired speed of charging.

Payment options

Our app comes with a wide range of payment methods differentiated by segments. Private users may use Incasso, Tikkie, Paypal or Credit Card. Business users can easily select business incasso or pay their invoice via bank transfer.