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White label Mobility Apps

Fueling and loyalty, EV charging or Parking apps with a wide variety of integrated payment methods, and more. Save time and resources while giving your customers the highest level of service.

  • White-label solutions that strengthen your brand identity.

  • Get to know your customer and get more insights.

  • All payments are accurately recorded and easily retrievable, resulting in a clear and organized accounting.


Fuel and loyalty app

Fueling up and being rewarded for loyalty – that’s how you truly get to know your customers! Moveyou believes in rewarding customers, resulting in returning ambassadors for your gas stations! The possibilities to implement loyalty within a gas station are endless and ready to be integrated. Our software is designed to quickly convert visitors into ambassadors. Curious about the solution and what it can mean for your locations?

Parking app

Our parking app can be easily integrated and offers you the possibility to offer parking services. We have the largest network of parking options in the Netherlands and Belgium, with major parties such as P&R and ParkBee connected. Our service covers more than 140 municipalities. With the integration, you can easily find a parking space, view current prices, and initiate a parking action.

BeforePark in just one click

EV app

Determined to create a charging solution with your own logo and brand name?

With the white label app, your customers can easily access a network of up to 500,000 charging stations spread across Europe.

Customers can swiftly and easily plan their journeys and find the best charging stations along their route. This not only makes planning electric trips more efficient but also stress-free.

The app provides detailed information about the prices and availability of the charging points. Customers can compare rates and choose the most cost-effective option. Additionally, they can check the availability of the charging stations to ensure they never run out of power during their journey.