EV Pay

A seamless single screen EV charge customer journey on your payment terminal.

EV Pay is an application, that comes preinstalled on your payment terminal of choice. It makes it possible to use the terminal for the end-to-end EV charging customer journey, from selecting the charge point, to choosing the payment method and charging amount, to tracking the session on your phone and receiving the bill.

Making paying for EV charging as easy as refueling.

EV Pay

Paying for a charging session should be as easy as paying for a refueling session.

That’s why we’ve created EV Pay.

Choose one of our terminals, our solution provides you as a CPO with a user-friendly and seamless solution, allowing electric vehicle owners to pay for their charging sessions.

  • We offer a solution to accept card payments for charging electric vehicles (EV).
  • Your own terminal, and no additional (POS) screen is needed to provide your customers with this payment solution.

  • All payments are accurately recorded and easily retrievable, resulting in a clear and organized accounting.

Why choose EV PAY?

  • You won’t require additional screens.
  • Our solution is fully compliant with European regulations.
  • With one terminal you can connect up to 32 charging points.
  • We provide clear and transparent payment solutions, eliminating convoluted flows for clear accounting.

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EV pay

Our Terminals

Discover the perfect payment solution for you as a CPO, meeting all your needs and requirements.

Regardless of which variant you choose, you can trust that our payment terminals not only meet the highest standards of security and reliability but also seamlessly align with the identity of your business.

With this EV Pay solution, you are ready for the future and compliant with European regulations and legislation.

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Accept all payment methods

The widest choice of payment options

Accept All Payments

With the expected increase to over 34 million electric vehicles in Europe by 2030, it is essential to be prepared now for the future of EV Pay and electric vehicle charging. With our payment solutions, you can effortlessly accept all payment methods, including debit and credit cards, mobile wallets, and open & close-loop cards. Additionally, our service complies with the latest AFIR regulations. Choose EV Pay and stay ahead of the competition in the evolving payments landscape.

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