E Mobility Service Provider

As an EMSP, we offer a white-label environment through which you can grant your customers access to an EV charging app and a web portal.

Through the app, you can easily find, navigate, and charge at a charging location. We ensure that payments and invoicing are processed seamlessly through our platform and provide customer service when needed. All of this is accomplished within a user-friendly and clear environment.


Why MoveYou MSP?

MoveYou makes the transition to EV charging user-friendly across Europe. As an EMSP (Electronic Mobility Service Provider), MoveYou ranks in the top 5 of EMSPs offering charging subscriptions, charging cards, and apps to businesses. Through our solutions, companies can charge their vehicles at over 500,000 charging points across Europe using our charging/tank cards. While many MSPs focus solely on providing a charging or tank card, MoveYou takes it a step further.

As your trustworthy e-MSP, we provide the complete service package for electric charging. From charging cards, tags and convenient apps for locating and navigating to charging stations, to the management and expansion of our roaming network. We also handle seamless declaration, invoicing, and customer management, with transparent pricing for charging sessions for the EV driver.


The EMSP platform has shown impressive growth, with an increase in both the number of users and the number of charging sessions. Our dedication to providing high-quality services is reflected in the figures, with the number of transactions steadily increasing.

Charging sessions


In Europe last 3 months.



Last month

Mobility Cards


Last year in Europe

Empowering EV Mobility tags

We enable drivers of electric vehicles to use the electric charging network. We make electric driving accessible and user-friendly.

But we are more than just an e-MSP. Our solutions are modular and can be tailored to the needs of your organization. This creates a completely new world for your customers or employees when it comes to mobility

  • MoveYou offers more than just charging tags, providing a comprehensive range of services and products that extend beyond basic solutions for an advanced and seamless electric mobility experience.

  • Offer your customers a seamless experience to charge throughout Europe at over 500,000 charging stations. This solution is available as white-label, providing a customizable branding experience tailored to your company’s identity.

  • Simple to integrate within your organization, cost-effective, and easily accessible. We provide a comprehensive solution that fulfills the needs of your organization.