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We believe in transforming mobility

At MoveYou, we believe in transforming mobility. We aim to make mobility simpler and more accessible, not only for businesses but also for the planet. Our deeply rooted conviction is that by providing innovative mobility solutions, we can collectively have a positive impact on both the environment and people’s daily lives.

We achieve this through advanced tools and technologies that change the way people move. Our solutions are designed to facilitate not only greener choices but also to be cost-effective and seamless. By leveraging the latest developments in mobility technology, we deliver solutions that help people efficiently move from point A to point B.

MoveYou offers a range of innovative tools and services that transform mobility. We have solutions for Forecourt Management, EV Pay, and E-mobility. Together, we are working towards a future where mobility is not only easy and accessible but also has a positive impact on the world around us.

About us

Our Mission

Our mission at MoveYou is to transform mobility through innovative solutions, that are easily accessible and have a positive impact on companies, users and the planet.

Core values.

Our core values form the foundation of everything we do. We believe in delivering integrity, sustainability & connectivity in all our activities.

At Moveyou, we believe that people will increasingly travel in a multimodal way, using various forms of transportation for different parts of their journeys. With our technology, we make it easy to switch from one mode of transportation to another, with access and payment all centralized through the Moveyou platform.

Our vision is to create a future where people have access to all forms of transportation and energy via a platform provider, with automatic integration of self-generated energy through solar panels or other means. By providing access to all forms of mobility, such as buses, trains, and shared vehicles, we make it easy for people to choose sustainable travel options. All transactions, including usage, energy, and bi-directional charging, are managed through our platform.


Our story

The solution to make mobility accessible and seamless had been a subject Jan-Harmen had been pondering over for a number of years.

While the mode of mobility has indeed changed over the years, the concept remained the same.

In 2020, MoveYou emerged, and the ideas were developed into tangible products. This gave rise to solutions that not only make it more user-friendly for businesses, governments, and individuals to participate in mobility but also simpler. Our technology, coupled with big data, provides new insights. These insights are crucial for bringing about change and improvement.

Over the years, new solutions have emerged, and now we serve large and small clients throughout Europe with the following solutions: Forecourt management, EV pay/payment solutions, Mobility Service Provider solutions for parking and charging. And even more solutions integrated into our Cloud Platform designed to enhance mobility and the environment.

Make better choices, because we have to

At Moveyou, we are committed to promoting sustainable travel behavior, and the heart of our fintech based technology is a central wallet that complies with all banking and payment regulations. The Moveyou wallet allows users to collect EcoCoins for traveling sustainably, with rewards and discounts available from our partner companies. This creates an incentive for people to reduce their ecological footprint while saving money and helping the planet.

Moveyou is a platform that helps companies in the energy and mobility sector to connect all forms of transportation in a single interface, making it easy for people to switch between modes of travel while promoting sustainability.

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