We make sustainable travel the norm.

What we do 

Moveyou is a mobility platform that connects almost all forms of transportation in a digital way, including gas stations, parking providers, electric vehicle charging stations, and various public transportation options. Our mission is to encourage people to travel more sustainably without sacrificing comfort, while promoting a greener and more environmentally friendly future.

Core values




At Moveyou, we believe that people will increasingly travel in a multimodal way, using various forms of transportation for different parts of their journeys. With our technology, we make it easy to switch from one mode of transportation to another, with access and payment all centralized through the Moveyou platform.

Our vision is to create a future where people have access to all forms of transportation and energy via a platform provider, with automatic integration of self-generated energy through solar panels or other means. By providing access to all forms of mobility, such as buses, trains, and shared vehicles, we make it easy for people to choose sustainable travel options. All transactions, including usage, energy, and bi-directional charging, are managed through our platform.

Make better choices, because we have to

At Moveyou, we are committed to promoting sustainable travel behavior, and the heart of our fintech based technology is a central wallet that complies with all banking and payment regulations. The Moveyou wallet allows users to collect EcoCoins for traveling sustainably, with rewards and discounts available from our partner companies. This creates an incentive for people to reduce their ecological footprint while saving money and helping the planet.

Moveyou is a platform that helps companies in the energy and mobility sector to connect all forms of transportation in a single interface, making it easy for people to switch between modes of travel while promoting sustainability. 

Our mission is to make sustainable travel the norm, and we achieve this together with our partners by incentivizing users through our EcoCoin rewards program.