Open up your chargenetwork for ease payments

Connect your network of charging poles to the fast growing EV payment platform in Europe. The Mobility Authorisation Server (MAS) of Moveyou provides the possibility to limit payment behavior.

Our EV-host realtime authorizes transactions and supports NFC charging tags, leasecards, fuelcards, hybrid-cards and in app payments. But also enables pre-authorisation for payment terminals like the EV Valina and others.  

EV Charger Payment host

Reduce the risk of payment fraud on your customers through our integrated connections to creditrate companies like Graydon, CreditSafe and CompanyWeb.        

Unlock the potential of thousands of users by connecting to our payment gateway for free. Subscribe as CPO and start onboarding now.

  • Easy integration by OCPI
  • PCI compliant 
  • Realtime authorisation 
  • Guaranteed payment

Our state of the art technology is supported by and built on payment and cloud computing infrastructures provided by world’s top players. This guarantees the highest availability and fastest processing.      

The Mobility Authorisation Server (MAS) of Moveyou is already used by many lease, petrol and mobility companies and provides easy integration of your existing services without the high transactional fees of the big credit card companies.  


Interested in connecting your charge solutions or existing fuelcard to our platform? Book an online consultation right away.  

  • Trusted thru big Oil company’s
  • Used by mobility and charge operators
  • Builded on AWS & Worldline