The Valina EVPay is the all-in-one payment solution for charging point operators.

Debitcard or wireless payment

Give your customers the liberty to choose the way they want to pay. Whether it is with a debit card, credit card, by phone or NFC tag

More than two-thirds of the electric drivers would like to be able to charge their car at a charging point and to pay with their bank’s own card.

Deutsche Zahlungssysteme e.V.

No more fees

The Valina EVpay makes the use of charge tags no longer necessary. Which makes the end user freed from additional costs like subscriptions costs and transactional fees.

Carefree driving

Your customers never need to worry about multiple charge tags or cards. EVpay provides your customers with a carefree driving experience.

One connects all

With only one Valina terminal you are able to connect up to 32 charging stations without the need for a wired connection.