Can I pay with a debit card for charging my car?

“Can I pay with a debit card for charging my car?”

That may sound like a dream to the majority of EV drivers. Technology is constantly evolving and electric cars are rapidly replacing fuel cars. Only the infrastructure seems to be behind and charging stations are limiting drivers when it comes to the payment options by excluding the most common one – debit or credit card.

Can I pay with a debit card for charging my car?

Getting started

After you’ve probably downloaded several apps and found out how to filter your connector type, you may think that you are ready to charge your car. Once arrived at the charging station it can be a surprise that you cannot use your bank card to charge your electric car in The Netherlands, except at FastNet stations along the highways. Shortly after, you may find yourself ordering your first charging card and finally be able to charge your car publicly in case of need or on a regular basis.


How to pay at the charging station?

Providers of charging cards offer you various payment options including credit card and debit card, SEPA incasso, iDeal or PayPal. That seems to be quite convenient, nevertheless you are forced to have one or more RfiD cards in your pocket and pay either a monthly subscription, extra fee per kWh or transactional cost.

Why? Wouldn’t it just be easier to pay directly with a credit or debit card everywhere?

German research confirms that change is needed

Recent research by Initiative Deutsche Zahlungssysteme e.V. (the German organisation for payment system, 30 November 2021) shows that more than two third of all EV drivers in Europe prefer to pay with their own bank card or wallet when charging at a charging station. With the new Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation (AFIR), the European Commission wants payment thresholds to be removed and that it becomes as easy as possible for consumers to pay at filling and charging stations. The research also shows that the majority of people who plan to buy an electric car, do not want to be dependent on one network or payment system. In Germany, it has already been laid down by law that from 2023, charge point operators will be required to accept debit and credit cards.

Step forward with EV payment solution

Can I pay with a debit card for charging my car in 2024?

In anticipation of the AFIR guidelines (update 2024) and as a service for (new) customers, EV Pay from MoveYou allows charge point operators to let their users pay with their own bank card, contactless wallet, Apple Pay or Google Pay in addition to the traditional charging cards.

The solution from MoveYou accepts all common payment methods, but also, for example, fuel cards and other proprietary, closed systems. EVpay uses the well-known Valina terminal from Worldline and in the background the IT-infrastructure of MoveYou ensures that charge point operators get their real-time transaction information.

Can I pay with a debit card for charging my car?
Yes, find our more here.

Can I pay with a debit card for charging my car?

Yes! With EV Pay, MoveYou makes it possible to pay with debit card.
Paying for a charging session should be as easy as paying for fuel. That’s why we created EV Pay.Choose one of our terminals; our solution provides you, as a CPO, with a user-friendly and seamless way for electric vehicle owners to pay for their charging sessions.