AFIR – Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation 2024

Starting from april, 2024, AFIR – Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation 2024 will be implemented. However, the transition to electric mobility also brings some complex responsibilities for charging point operators, with payments being a crucial aspect. MoveYou offers a payment solution to assist these operators in tackling the challenges of the transition.

The European Union aims to be climate-neutral by 2050, and as an intermediate step, EU member states have agreed that the EU must reduce CO2 emissions by at least 55% by 2030. This commitment is evident in the growth of the number of charging stations in Europe, as more people choose to drive electrically.

As of December 31, 2023, there were a total of 504,000 regular charging points and 66,000 fast chargers in Europe, totaling 570,000 charging stations.

The top 5 countries with the most charging stations are:

1. Netherlands (101,000)
2. Germany (84,000)
3. France (92,000)
4. Norway (79,000)
5. Spain (64,000)

To achieve this goal and make charging more accessible for every road user, the infrastructure for alternative fuels (AFIR) legislation has been introduced. This regulation ensures a uniform and simplified payment experience at all electric vehicle charging stations in Europe. As of april, 2024, all charging points must be accessible without a subscription or prior registration, allowing drivers to effortlessly and contactlessly pay with both credit cards and debit cards.

AFIR & MoveYou

Valina EV pay is a product of MoveYou. This payment solution complies with all the requirements of the new legislation and is already used by multiple charging and refueling stations in the European market. MoveYou provides electric vehicle drivers with a completely redesigned and flawless payment experience.
MoveYou gives customers the freedom to choose how they want to pay, whether it’s with a debit card, credit card, via phone, NFC tag or facial recognition.

Together, we make it possible.

afir regulation

AFIR – Still much to do for Europe.

By around 2025, 150-kilowatt fast charging points must be available along major highways at intervals of 60 kilometers, and a hydrogen refueling station every 150 kilometers. By 2030, 3.5 million charging stations need to be realized, and by 2040, 11.4 million.

Currently, with approximately 90,000 charging points, the Netherlands is the leader in the EU in terms of the number of electric charging stations. The AFIR also contains provisions to ensure the user-friendliness of the charging infrastructure. These rules include payment options, price transparency, consumer information, and smart charging. For example, the regulation stipulates that publicly accessible charging stations must use smart metering systems to ensure smart load management during peak load periods.

We have integrated all these provisions into our EV pay solutions. Regardless of which terminal you want to have, the customer journey with EV Pay is ready for the future.

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