Mobility as a Service*

Enabling all forms of mobility is our goal. The world is transitioning to an integrated offering of energy and mobility. This means leaving the car behind and considering alternative solutions such as public transportation, car-sharing or cycling.

Our MaaS solutions offer a flexible and streamlined approach to shaping mobility policies. We aim not only to make mobility more efficient and sustainable but also more accessible. Whether it’s registration, charging, parking, refueling, or public transportation, you’ll find everything under one roof with us.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Public Transport

Mobility can become smarter, and that’s exactly where MoveYou comes in. With our platform, various forms of transportation, such as public transport, car-sharing, bike-sharing, and scooters, can be seamlessly integrated.

By utilizing real-time traffic information, we aim to make travel more efficient, environmentally friendly, and appealing.


Enabling all forms of mobility

Our modular white label products offers all the necessary features and elements for initiating your own branded MaaS service. From E-mobility service providers to payment solutions, we streamline the process, minimizing risk, cost, and time-to-launch for your new services.

Mileage log

Trip registration is crucial for understanding travel patterns, fuel consumption, and emissions. By tracking distances and locations, inefficiencies can be identified, leading to more optimal routes and reduced emissions. Evaluating vehicle emissions enables organizations and individuals to decrease their ecological footprint, while compensation programs such as CO2 offsetting contribute to a greener future.