Smart Energy Solutions

Next-Gen Solutions.
From Home Charging to Solar Panels and Home Batteries. Connect your customers’ energy devices to create new experiences where they can save money and reduce their ecological footprint. Simple and user-friendly within one application.


Connect a home charger

With our energy devices integration, users can connect their home charging station to our app. This solution not only empowers individual users to manage their charging sessions but also enables automated billing of corporate charging sessions. By allowing users to track and optimize their energy consumption, we provide businesses with the opportunity to streamline their operational processes and reduce administrative burdens.

Connect your energy devices.

Smart Solar Panel Integration:
Connect your solar panels to our platform and optimize the use of renewable energy. Monitor your yield in real-time and maximize your energy savings.

Charging Station Linking:
Effortlessly link your charging station to our system and manage the charging of your electric vehicle with ease. Schedule charging sessions, monitor energy consumption, and optimize charging times for maximum efficiency. This helps keep work and private charging sessions well separated.

Vehicle Data Reading:
Receive detailed insights into the energy consumption and performance of your vehicle. Track your driving behavior, battery status, and consumption statistics to enhance your driving experience and save costs.

ewPower Control between Car and Charger:
Monitor the power flow between your vehicle and the charger closely. Optimize charging speed and reduce energy loss for a more sustainable and cost-effective charging experience.

With our platform, you have the power to optimize your energy consumption. Mobility and sustainability come together.