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For this solution MoveYou has, in close cooperation with Worldline, designed the Valina Terminal especially for the EV market.

Barrier-free payment

Pay with all bank, credit, debit, ev charge and fuel cards in one terminal.

OCPI connected

Fully OCPI compliant terminal that can be directly connected to up to 32 charging stations.

Wireless connection

No more wiring required as all transactions are done digitally.

With this payment terminal we create a good connection between CPO’s & MSP’s, because one payment terminal is able to control a square of 32 poles in its entirety through an OCPI connection with the charging station and to allow users to pay through every conceivable payment method.

The terminal supports all debit and credit cards (e.g. American Express, Visa, Mastercard etc.), every charge and fuel card in Europe (e.g. DKV, MTC and Travelcard) and above all payment by a mobile phone. In this respect, the terminal also perfectly complies with the laws and regulations announced by the ACM; namely, the terminal maps out all charging-related information before, during and after a charging session. With this innovation, we are the first party in Europe who is able to provide instant payment for a customer.

Branded apps

We offer you the tools and technology to serve your customers. By white labeling our apps you can implement your own logo and corporate identity. This way your customers stay connected to your own brand.
In house development
Modular service model
Mobility science

Participate in the mobility of the future.

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