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We can think along, advise and participate.


We advise commercial companies


We advise governments


We advise indivuals

The way we travel is changing rapidly and has major consequences for the mobility needs of travelers. New innovative ideas are part of this transition. Examples of solutions for this are mobility hubs and Mobility as a Service (MaaS). 

MoveYou advises commercial companies, the government and individuals about smart mobility. We can think along, advise and participate about the possibilities for new sustainable transport options and integrate it in mobility projects. In this way we ensure together that the urban and rural areas are accessible for everyone in the future.

Branded apps

We offer you the tools and technology to serve your customers. By white labeling our apps you can implement your own logo and corporate identity. This way your customers stay connected to your own brand.
In house development
Modular service model
Mobility science

Participate in the mobility of the future.

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