1. Be aware that you are working with someone else’s personal data and act accordingly. Handle the data exactly as you would want your data to be handled by others. 

  1. Make sure you study MoveYou’s policy and rules on personal data. 

  1. Realize that clients have the right to see their personal data, including your email if it is in there. If you write about clients, write it in such a way that that email can also appear on the front page of The Telegraph tomorrow. 

  1. Integrity is key; don’t share data with others just like that. This applies not only within MoveYou, but also outside the organization. 

  1. Make sure you have a good password. A passphrase is even better. Replace letters with numbers and symbols. Something like “M0bilityi$futur€22”, but of course different!

  1. Speak to your colleagues if you see that customer personal data is not handled carefully. Conversely, be open to feedback and change.

  1. Do you doubt you are acting correctly with personal data? Ask the management or the data protection officer via fg@moveyou.com.

  1. Do you suspect a data breach? Study the data breach protocol and report it as soon as possible!

  1. Good riddance! Do not leave paperwork lying around on your desk and lock your computer when you leave your workplace.

  1. Last but certainly not least: Think along! Do you have ideas on how we can handle data even better together? Are you missing any information? Share it!