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Internship Software Engineer “CloudConnect”

February 15, 2022

What will you be doing?
You will become part of a team that is developing a unique IoT platform for the petrol industry that
leverages various hardware components and software stacks to provide valuable insights into sales
data and fuel consumption patterns. The platform also enables a more interactive and efficient way
of interacting with the consumer.
An important aspect of this project is the solution for managing the fleet of IoT devices. Together with
you, we will improve on provisioning and management aspects of IoT devices and the platform. This
involves the use of existing IoT software solutions, and the development of a number of in-house
solutions specific to the problem at hand.
The data that is collected from the devices will be used to generate reports and dashboards that are
used by a variety of stakeholders, and clients in several countries. You will be involved in the decision
making process for the design and improvements to the datastore and the platform.

Who are we looking for?
You are passionate about software development and the Internet Of Things (IoT). You are a team
player and you are always willing to learn new technologies. Maybe you’ve been experimenting with
Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or related hardware.
You get excited about the possibilities of IoT and you are eager to learn more about it. You have
experience in developing software, but in a more general sense, you are interested in all the aspects
of developing an IoT platform.

What’s in it for you?
You get to work with a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are also passionate about
software and technology.
We develop several in-house solutions for a wide range of customer needs. We have a very open
and friendly culture, which offers lots of opportunities to learn from each other and grow as a team.
We have a spacious office, but you can also work from home.
After your internship, we’re open to discuss future opportunities, as we’re always looking for new

Relevant keywords
IoT, AWS, SoC, provisioning, configuration management, ansible, Git, MQTT, VPN, C#, PHP, GraphQL,
LON, IFSF, pioneering.

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