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Implementation Consultant

August 17, 2022

Do you want to have an impact on how we travel in ten years’ time? Then we are looking for you!

We believe in making mobility accessible. Using and switching between the car, train, bus or shared transport should be possible without any problems. In our vision, the car remains the primary form of transport. We believe that through a combination of insight and stimulation we can make our users travel more sustainably. This makes it possible to achieve significant CO2 savings without sacrificing comfort. We are convinced that in the coming years mobility and energy will converge into a single proposition and therefore facilitate this within our platform. We have developed various tools and technologies for this in the field of Mobility as a Service, Electric charging and especially payment. All these technologies are brought together in our ‘Smart data & Mobility’ cloud platform. We help our customers, often petrol station chains or mobility companies, with the transition from fuel to energy and from fossil to EcoMobile.

With our unique solutions, You will ensure that our customers are ready for an era in which energy transition, shift to broader mobility and digitalisation are key.

What are you going to do?

As a project and implementation consultant you are part of the image of Moveyou. We are growing fast and many players are choosing our technologies. In the past few months we have welcomed several fuel networks in the Netherlands and Belgium as new clients.

With your commercial and project expertise and entrepreneurial spirit you are able to optimally serve the interests of our clients. They have chosen our technology, but now it’s about the implementation, project coordination and alignment with the project teams at our clients. You can arrange the necessary matters digitally, but you regularly visit your clients physically and are able to further expand our existing relationships. You monitor the agreements and deadlines you make with your clients and keep your colleagues on track. Our motto is ‘a deal is a deal’. You are the translation between the needs of our customer and the technical realization on the other side. In your role, you work a lot with the technical consultants, product owners and developers in our organization. You can therefore keep up with the technological developments and you certainly don’t need a manual to find the on/off button on an iPad.

What’s in it for you?

Who are you?

Participate in the mobility of the future.

Interested in our MaaS solutions? Contact us for more information.