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The ‘’delta plan 2030’’ states that more and more cities and municipalities need mobility hubs where various forms of transport come together. This is based on the philosophy that this form of transport is seen as the most environmentally friendly and affordable solution for every user.

Choose simplicity

One MaaS app offers a whole array of services

Shared Mobility

The use of different transport mode during your journey

MaaS application

A MaaS application makes it possible for people to travel easily during a journey with various modes of transport


Park easy around transport hubs

The average traveller needs more than one means of transport to get to his final destination. This means that a traditional card such as the ‘’OV-Chipkaart’’ loses its shelf life. MoveYou offers the solution for this problem. Our MaaS services make it possible to let the role of a transporter go beyond the bus or train station. With our consultancy role we also give advice about the use of a MaaS application and the physical forms of smart mobility such as mobility hubs.

Branded apps

We offer you the tools and technology to serve your customers. By white labeling our apps you can implement your own logo and corporate identity. This way your customers stay connected to your own brand.
In house development
Modular service model
Mobility science

Participate in the mobility of the future.

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